Delivering engagement solutions that connect young people and professionals

What is Talk About?

Talk About provides engagement solutions that connect young people and professionals. We do this through our innovative e-learning platform, our solutions for corporates and our international community of young people.

Talk About Diversity & Progression Pathways

Our Diversity & Progression Pathways platform allows your company to revolutionise how you connect with your employees. Focusing on getting stories and journeys told and understood, our aim is to help you nurture your talent pipeline – from trainee to CEO. 

Diversity and Inclusion doesn’t need to be a big flagship programme or sporadic initiative but it does need to be tangible, sustainable and impactful. We want to help partners get seriously intentional about inclusion and progression.

We serve

Young People

The best time to engage with future leaders is today. Our global community of young people enables us to:

  • Amplify the voices and ideas of the next generation of leaders and innovators
  • Highlight job and internship opportunities directly to ambitious young people
  • Provide personal development and skills training to our Talk About contributors
  • Equip young people with the networks they need to become solution-driven global citizens


In this ever-connected world, it’s not enough to just be a big business. Big businesses must also be engaging businesses. Our professionals help you answer:

  • How can we not only compete for the best graduates but build lasting relationships with them?
  • How can we attract clients who are innovating in unexpected areas?
  • How can we make our workplace more fun and connected?

Educational Institutions

It’s not enough for students to just have good grades, they also need the right skills to help them navigate the world of work. Our Talk About Skills innovative e-learning platform:

  • Provides engaging personal development and soft skills courses that are rooted in practical application
  • Insights into the importance of diversity and inclusion
  • Access to a careers bank and virtual mentors from universities and top employers


“Through our workshops with Talk About, students were able to hear these key messages from bright young minds, who were not dissimilar in age and background to themselves. I would highly recommend them to any school thinking about utilising them for their careers programme.”
RSA Academy
"Participating Trainee Teachers stated that they found the sessions useful because it enabled them to see “common links across the curriculum” and the skills they gained would be “helpful in future interviews.”
Titan Partnership

Some of our partners and clients include: