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Environment Contributor

This year I’ve been an outreach officer for my universities Vegetarian and Vegan Society!  I’ve really enjoyed playing an active role within the society and working as part of a team with the other committee members.

Politics Contributor

Tadiwa Ndlovu

I am a third year European Politics student at KCL. Politics is at the centre of my life, and I find it particularly interesting that I can see politics influencing and informing our society.

Politics Contributor

Mark Docherty

I am a student whose primary interest lies in politics and current affairs. This has led me to develop a passion for journalism as the media is vital for free states to function transparently.
Finance & Law Contributor

I am a conference producer  responsible for running legal conferences. I graduated in 2019 having studied law at university and have a particular interest in commercial law and finance. I used to play tennis professionally and competed in tournaments around Asia and Africa.

Culture Contributor

I make YouTube videos on the side, in hopes of lightening the current mood and hopefully bringing a smile to at least one person’s face.

Law & Politics Contributor

A law student with a keen interest in politics and current affairs. Hope to continue to write about interesting things and people.

Law Contributor

I am an LLB and LPC graduate with a Master of Law focused in corporate law. I am the former business owner of online clothing brand “LBE Store” as featured in several national newspapers and the NY Post. My current side hustle is my true crime YouTube channel. 

Environment & Politics Contributor

‘I am currently finalising my degree at the University of Warwick. I’ve been studying Global Sustainable Development for past three years and have a particular interest in the development of Southern Africa. I am now hoping to enter the development field.

Culture Contributor

I graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2019, having studied my BA and MAs in Art History. Alongside various day jobs I founded and now run Eazyl, an online art marketplace designed to make buying and selling art accessible and affordable for all.

Law Contributor

I have always been a storyteller. I love creating stories whether it’s through writing, photos or videos, I am always looking for new ways to challenge my ability.
I’m also an avid fan of exploring new cultures and food, so travelling is an excellent platform for me to immerse myself!

Environment & Law Contributor

I am an incoming LL.B Law Student. One of my main interests and passions is travelling. I think it is important to explore and appreciate the different cultures, backgrounds and places that shape people from all over the world.

Law & Politics Contributor

I aspire to become a solicitor and aim to reach my goal, as well as, supporting my passion for makeup. I am a fully qualified makeup artist and an Instagram blogger. Additionally, I am working closely with many charities including the British Heart Foundation to help those who have defected hearts like myself.

Politics Contributor
I am very creative, I enjoy arts and crafts, music, poetry and songwriting. In addition to this, I was on the gifted and talented list for Art while I was at school and I have a certificate in fine and visual arts. I enjoy sports such as cricket and swimming.
Tech Contributor

I am a member of the European Youth Parliament and some of my favourite hobbies are programming and photography.

Tech Contributor

I am a hardworking and driven individual. I enjoy reading about technology, watching sports, going to church and writing. I also enjoy engaging in intellectual debates about politics and technology. One achievement of mine is that I have written a book.

Law & Culture Contributor

I am currently a member of the Honourable Lincoln’s Inn Society. I believe that we the Youth are truly the leaders of tomorrow and want to use this platform and my own to encourage more young people to take an active interest in law and politics.

Law & Business Contributor

I’m a Law with French Law student at Uni of Leeds, passionate about social justice and the world of business! I love volunteering for cultural events, watching documentaries and finding interesting connections between words in different Latin-based languages (I promise it’s fascinating!). My two biggest obsessions are admin work and The 1975

Politics & Culture Contributor

I love sports and how they bring people together. Previously I played football for various local clubs and represented the West Midlands as a runner. In September I will be entering sixth form where I will study Computer Science, English and double Business.

Technology Contributor

My name is Olamide Olabode, I’m a technology and culture contributor. I am a Mechanical Engineering Student, I am learning how to code in Python. I am a committee member of the Women in Engineering, Science and Technology society at my university. I am a very positive person with a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Environment Contributor

I am an aspiring commercial solicitor and third year History undergraduate at the University of Liverpool. My interests include playing netball and watching crime documentaries.

Finance & Culture Contributor

I study Accounting and Finance student at Warwick University and have an interest in the way finance and technology integrate. I work alongside the Us Programme, who help empower underprivileged girls in the UK.

Law & Culture Contributor

I’m a Law graduate, currently studying the BPTC LLM with a focus on Family Law. As part of my volunteering I advocate on behalf of litigants in person in the East London Family Court. Alongside that, I teach Street Law, where I aim to improve ethnic/cultural attitudes and relationships towards the Law. In my down time you could probably find me in a beginners yoga class, or an intermediate one… or eating cake – life’s unpredictable you never know.

Environment & Law Contributor

Becoming a contributor whilst also I studying LL.B Law at Nottingham Trent University is certainly going to help me grow and improve, not only as an aspiring professional in the legal sector, but as a person in general. My passion of resolving people’s grievances has led me to aspire to become a barrister who can advocate for people who feel voiceless.

Culture & Tech Contributor

An undergraduate degree in Law with a Masters in Commercial Law. Currently a musician, podcaster and excel in anything relating to sports or the media.

Law & Culture Contributor

I graduated in 2018 with an LLB (Hons) and decided to pursue a career as a Family Law Barrister. I am currently studying my Bar Professional Training Course LLM part-time at the University of Law, Birmingham. Outside of my legal aspirations, I am a trained belly-dancer. I have been using my time in lockdown to provide online advocacy workshops to law students.

Finance Contributor

Proactive female studying Management with Finance at University of Warwick having a keen interest in capital markets, digital innovations and real estate. Trained in intercultural communication, I am passionate about foreign cultures and enjoy travelling, running and reading in my free time.

Law & Health Contributor
Master in Law (with LPC) graduate. Brownie and Ranger leader with Girlguiding.
Culture & Health Contributor

My penchant for understanding how we interact with the world around us led me to studying neuroscience. Currently, I am working towards gaining perspective on the intersection of healthcare, law, and society. Pop culture connoisseur by night.

Law & Finance Contributor

My name is Baneen Shah and I will be contributing in Law and Tech for TalkAbout. I have previously achieved the Young Writers Creativity Award through a publication of a poem in a Young Writer’s Anthology competition and further awarded Merits and a Distinction for my acting and public speaking by the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. My current interests lay in the development of technology and I have been selected for the Code For Girls programme.

Culture Contributor

Sephora Amlan, also known as Sephora Ochou is a bilingual award-winning Corporate Professional, Social Impact Advocate, Speaker & Workshop Facilitator. After achieving a first-class degree in International Business with Professional Practice, Sephora went on to gain experience in the private and third sector and has accumulated over five years of professional experience.

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