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Welcome to Talk About – we deliver engagement solutions to help today’s businesses connect with tomorrow’s leaders. 

At the heart of what we do is our belief that magic happens when you bring young people and professionals together to have conversations that matter. 

Talk About has three main areas: our global community of young people, our innovative e-learning platform for schools, and our work with corporates, which brings together everything that we do.

So, what do we do? We work with you to reimagine what engagement looks like in your organisation through solutions built around our three main pillars: attraction, engagement, and retention.

In this ever-connected world, it’s not enough just to be a big business. You must also be an engaging business. It’s time to harness young talent and we’re here to help you.

Maybe you want to attract more young people to work with your organisation in internships, apprenticeships, graduate schemes or even new clients innovating in different areas.

Or maybe you do well with attracting them, but find that it’s difficult to keep engaging with young talent or have trouble retaining the staff you’ve trained. 58% of millennials leave their job within three years, so engagement and retention are more important than ever.

And it’s not just staff and clients who we can help you to attract, engage and retain. How engaged are you with your local community?

Our team of young professionals is ideally placed to look at things from the outside with a fresh perspective. We look at processes and ask “how can this be better?”. 

We look at workplace environments and ask “how can this become a space for innovation?”. 

We look at colleagues and ask “how can they strengthen their relationships?”. 

We look at the workplace and ask “how can we add value?”. 

And when we develop solutions, we deliver them. 

We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest banks, firms and charities. Since day one, engaging with young people has been at the heart of what we do.

Talk About – conversations that matter.

Our team

We come from a range of industries, from law and business to engineering, bringing these skills to take Talk About to the next level

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